Regain control of your Ads

VisuAD bypasses Adblockers, rendering Adblocker software useless when blocking ads on your website.


Adblockers have become a scary phenomenon for newspublishers and sites making a living by delivering good quality content.

At least 15% of ads get blocked! A lot of revenue is lost due to this.

VisuAD ensure websites can still get their ads shown to visitors, even with an Adblocker installed. 

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VisuAD is a middlelayer, that integrates with your CMS - Umbraco, Drupal etc. - and connects to your Ad network - like Google Doubleclick for Publishers. 

If the visitor have no Adblocker installed, they will see your ad 'as is'. If an Adblocker is installed VisuAD engages!

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VisuAD is a subscription service. You only pay for ad-views that have been unblocked by us.

We continuosly analyze the functionality in Adblockers and keep updating the software ensuring banners get shown to visitors.

We charge a fixed 0,0025 dkr per unblocked ad. 

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See a demonstration of VisuAD

Test our anti-adblocker yourself. Install any adblocker you want. We dare you to keep us blocked...!




ad revenue blocked in 2015 by adblocker software

198 mio.

monthly active users using adblockers... and growing

Source: 'The cost of Ad blocking - PageFair and Adobe 2015 Ad Blocking Report'. READ IT HERE


VisuAD is currently in Beta and we need more real-world tests, to finish our generic webservice. If you fit these criteria, we would very much like to implement VisuAD free-of-charge on your site.

  • Must have a .NET based CMS - preferrably Umbraco
  • Must use Google Doubleclick for Publishers
  • Must have a documented amount of adblock users on your site above 10%

VisuAD will run on your site for a month free-of-charge. We will help you implement everything needed. We will not affect your current ad-setup. If you want to sign up for a VisuAD beta-test, please contact us!

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